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Attractive and Efficient LED Lighting Cuts Costs

Energy efficient LED lighting saves energy and cuts maintenance costs. Our attractive LED lighting products add value to homes by improving their energy efficiency as well as the quality of light in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living areas, clubhouse/community centers, pedestrian walkways and parking areas. Our dimmers and automated systems provide even more control and cost savings.

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Burt Coolidge Faciilty Manager Idealease

“We could not be happier with the installation of Revolution Lighting’s LED fixtures. A board member commented that the nighttime lighting feels like a high-quality Hollywood set. Revolution Lighting’s LED fixtures have allowed us to become a more sustainable community, significantly improving aesthetics and nighttime safety, while reducing operating expenses to benefit our residents.”

Property Manager of Villas at Harbor Isles
Rick Goldfarb

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No matter what scale or what application, our solutions are driven by achieving your goals.

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Multi-Family Residential Solutions - Revolution Lighting Technologies
Efficiency Upgrade With Decorative Lighting at Dania Beach
Dania Beach condo community upgrades its decorative post top fixtures with LED to improve efficiency and enhance quality of light for its residents.

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