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Cost-Effective and Secure Control

Increase energy savings with our revolutionary monitoring and control systems that let you manage your lighting system to gain greater efficiency. You get complete, secure control of your lighting installation, allowing you to optimize usage while eliminating needless energy expenditures.

Why Revolution Controls?


Our control solutions are efficient, innovative, and cost-effective. Make your lighting system run more efficiently by managing usage with our controls. Revolution lets you control and monitor an entire outdoor lighting network. For example, we have solutions that let you use a city’s existing wireless communications infrastructure to transmit data to and from each fixture.

We help you take control of your lighting systems. With our technologies, Revolution has set a new industry standard for security, ease-of-use and energy efficiency. Our systems allow for the control, monitoring, and reporting of your lighting system. We take pride in delivering reliable technology, while enhancing the safety and well-being of communities.


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No matter what scale or what application, our solutions are driven by deep knowledge of client needs and achieving your goals.

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Revolution Lighting brings superior products, the knowledge, and the experience to help you maximize the return on your lighting investment while keeping your project on time and within budget.

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Decorative Lights, Advanced Controls Bring Better Light to Arlington
Arlington County retrofits decorative pedestrian lights with advanced control solutions, improving energy efficiency and enhancing the quality of light downtown.