Revolution Lighting offers a wide variety of dimmable LED lamps for household and commercial use that provide a better quality of light and significantly greater energy efficiency compared to standard incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps. A sustainable choice, our LED lamps are mercury-free and 100% recyclable.

About LED Lamps

LED “lamps,” commonly known as light bulbs, are a replaceable unit that produces light from electricity. Since lamps were developed and made commercially available in the late 19th century/early 20th century, there have been countless lamp technology advancements. At this point, the future belongs to LEDs due to their tremendous benefits in light quality, energy efficiency and sustainability. Revolution Lighting offers LED Lamps in various shapes and sizes to give clients the flexibility they need for a wide variety of lighting projects.

A-Lamp (Arbitrary or Standard)
classic pear-shape, A19

An A-series lamp (the “A” actually stands for “Arbitrary”) is the standard, pear-shaped light bulb that most of us think of when we envision a lamp. We offer our LED A-lamp in the classic size, A19, and in a variety of color temperatures. Simply replacing traditional incandescent light bulbs with Revolution Lighting’s LED A-Lamps can save up to 80% in energy costs.

BR Lamp (Bulging Reflector)
wide diameter bulb for wide beam lighting

A BR lamp is lamp with a “wide flood” beam angle (typically around 120 degrees) created by the wide lamp diameter. BR lamps are often used in recessed downlights (a.k.a. can lights) or flood lights because they provide illumination with such a wide beam angle. Replacing standard home, business or store lighting with Revolution Lighting’s BR Lamps can provide an immediate energy efficient upgrade.

PAR Lamp (Parabolic Aluminized Reflector)
wide diameter bulb with focused beam

LED PAR lamps are similar to BR lamps in shape, but differentiated by a focused “spotlight” beam. PAR Lamps typically have a beam angle around 45 degrees. Their ability to focus a direct beam of light on an object make Revolution Lighting’s LED PAR Lamps ideal for track lighting or illuminating artwork.

LED Utility & High-Power Lamps

Revolution Lighting’s LED Utility & High-Power Lamps, (also known as “corn cob lights”) are available in numerous wattages and deliver 70% greater energy efficiency than wasteful High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps. Each LED lamp can be mounted in any orientation and comes with either an E26/27 medium base, an E39/40 screw-in mogul base, or an extended-tip EX39/Ex40 screw-in mogul base.