Eco PAR Lamps
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Our Eco PARs are meticulously manufactured for maximum light levels and come in multiple color temperatures and various beam angles.

  • Sizes/Wattages: PAR20 (7W), PAR30 (10), PAR38 (14W)
  • Color Temp. (K): 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K


  • 3X greater lamp life than fluorescent
  • 25,000-hour lamp life reduces long-term maintenance costs
  • Instant on, no warm-up time
  • High-temperature silicone gaskets


  • Lightweight aluminum housing
  • Negligible light depreciation over time
  • Superior light output


  • Lack of UV or IR minimizes concerns with fading or discoloration
  • Mercury-free, allowing for non-hazardous disposal
  • 100% recyclable
Specification & Files

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About Eco Par Lamp

LED Eco PAR lamps are widely used for commercial and residential illumination. This attractive line of LED Eco PARs are meticulously manufactured to emit maximum light levels, as well as offer an array of color temperatures and different beam spreads. Some offer dimmability to set the desired light level in any room. Because of their unique solid-state design, LED Eco PARs require no warm-up time, are extremely durable, require virtually no maintenance, and have a long life expectancy.


Revolution Lighting’s Eco PAR Lamps are backed by our seasoned lighting experts and engineers, over a decade of company experience, and our 5-year warranty. We take extensive measures to ensure that we design and deliver only the highest quality products. In fact, our quality measures are ISO 9001: 2015 certified. If, you ever have an issue with our products, rest assured with our robust warranty. For warranty details, please follow the link below or call our staff with any questions.


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