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Industrial settings can present a host of lighting challenges. Each of the varied locations has different lighting needs. Primary applications include Manufacturing, Logistics/Warehousing Operations, Industrial Zones, Hazardous Facilities, Cold Storage, and Food Processing. We offer specifically tailored energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for each of these varied settings.

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Burt Coolidge Faciilty Manager Idealease

“Revolution Lighting’s division, Energy Source, moved through the project quickly, working well with the different business entities we have at the airport. The installation of LED lighting and control solutions improved the overall light levels, while reducing the overall maintenance costs.”

Assistant Vice President, Landside Maintenance
Joe DaSilva

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Industrial & Warehouse Solutions - Revolution Lighting Technologies
TF Green Cuts Costs at Airports With LED Lighting and Controls
TF Green partners with Revolution Lighting’s division, Energy Source, to install LED lighting and controls to reduce operating expenses for its airport facilities.
Industrial & Warehouse Solutions - Revolution Lighting Technologies
Lattimer Group Improves Lighting For Manufacturing and Warehouses
Lattimer Group chooses Revolution Lighting LED Tubes to reduce operating expenses and improve light levels for its manufacturing and warehouse facilities.

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