Power Distribution Gateways

rNET Power Distribution Gateways
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Revolution Lighting’s rNET Power Distribution Gateways (rPDGs) represent a compelling new level of integration for the lighting controls market.

  • rNET-PDG-W
  • Voltage: Low Voltage Outputs (12/24V), High Voltage Outputs (120-277VAC), Wireless Inputs and Outputs, Integrated Driver Controls and Light Engine Interface

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  • Up to 70+% additional energy savings attainable on existing energy consumption
  • Wired low voltage and wireless high voltage dimming
  • Can support 8 different daylight zones with up to 4 daylight sensors
  • 0-10V input can control any fixture or group of fixtures
  • PLC (Power Load Control) provides 4 integrated power packs for OCC/VAC sensors, plug load, BMS or shade control
  • Remotely accessible option (data analytics & configurability)
  • Power measurement (<2% error) on each wired output
  • Independent daylight and manual trim options
  • Ideal for LED retrofit of existing fixtures (no neutral required)
  • POE (Power Over Ethernet) connection and Wi-Fi hotspot
  • RGB, RGBW, RGBWWCW support (low voltage only)
  • CCT color tunable fixture support with daylight control (low voltage only)
  • Support for up to 20 outputs (8 wired, 12 wireless)
  • Support for up to 20 inputs (8 wired, 12 wireless)
  • DMX support (both as initiator and as target)
  • BMS integration through BACNET/IP
  • Local Schedule control via built in Astronomical Clock

About Power Distribution Gateways

Revolution Lighting’s rNET Power Distribution Gateways (rPDGs) represent a compelling new level of integration for the lighting controls market. They work with any light fixture by supporting all legacy and future standards of dimming in a manner that is 100% transparent to the user. One dimming wall station input can control numerous fixtures, circuits or inputs to a BMS system regardless of their type (high/low voltage) or proximity (indoor/outdoor). The rPDGs offer a Wi-Fi hotspot or Cat5 Ethernet connections for simple setup, use, and commissioning. They can also be networked together and remotely accessed to provide a data-rich IoT platform to manage single rooms all the way up to enterprise-campus level systems.

Fully compliant with all existing lighting codes, the architecture of the rPDG guarantees to be forward compatible with any future versions simply through a software update. The platform also unleashes compelling new feature capabilities such as color tunable white and RGB fixtures with independent control of brightness and color.


Revolution Lighting’s rNET Power Distribution Gateways are backed by our seasoned lighting experts and engineers, over a decade of company experience, and our 5-year warranty. We take extensive measures to ensure that we design and deliver only the highest quality products. In fact, our quality measures are ISO 9001: 2015 certified. If, you ever have an issue with our products, rest assured with our robust warranty. For warranty details, please follow the link below or call our staff with any questions.


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