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University Lighting Upgrades for Efficiency, Safety, and Well-Being

Education - Revolution Lighting Technologies
Published In Private University Products and News (PUPN)
By Ron Young, President of Tri-State LED, a division of Revolution Lighting

We look upon American educational establishments with a great sense of pride, knowing many of its buildings have withstood the test of time. With time, however, comes standard wear and tear, requiring maintenance and upgrades to maintain the campus’ appearance and overall efficiency.

Limited funding for these establishments has resulted in a visible increase in tuition, with additional costs necessary for required maintenance trickling down onto the backs of college and university students. To reduce the financial strain on the students and simultaneously make campus maintenance simpler and easier to manage while receiving a quicker payback, many colleges and universities are adopting advanced lighting technologies in an effort to reap the economic and technical benefits-while also becoming more environmentally friendly…