Canopy Fixtures

LED canopy lights are an ideal, energy-efficient replacement for standard metal halide canopy fixtures. Often installed in parking garages, they provide exceptional illumination, durability and cost savings.

About LED Canopy Light Fixtures

What are LED Canopy Lights?

LED canopy lights are exterior or interior luminaires that are typically ceiling-mounted. These lights are most often used for general illumination in areas where dust and water are a concern. Most LED canopy lights are completely sealed to protect from water and dust, although the amount of water resistance varies with each design and specific application.

LED Canopy Light Applications

Applications of LED canopy lights include gymnasiums, hallways, transit stations, fuel-pumping areas, tunnels, auto garages, and anywhere fixtures need to resist splashing, dust, minor impacts, or regular cleanings.

Revolution Lighting’s EcoPark LED Canopy Lights offer at least 50% energy savings over comparable fluorescent and HPS/HID fixtures, while also delivering a far superior quality of light. They have a wide operating temperature range of -31 to +131°F, which is useful for architects or installers who plan to use the same fixtures across a range of location types.

Unlike the fixtures they replace, Revolution Lighting’s EcoPark LED Canopy Lights are virtually impervious to shock, vibration, and can even withstand multiple impacts. Since canopy lights are not made of glass, they don’t shatter, and there’s no mercury to clean-up. They are are particularly resistant to dust and water with an IP rating of IP65.

Revolution Lighting’s EcoPark Upgrades
low profile, two voltage options with same overall dimensions, sensor available

Revolution Lighting’s EcoPark LED Canopy Lights are unique because they offer input options in standard voltage (120-277VAC) and high voltage (347-480VAC). The two fixture options have the same overall dimensions, which provides some flexibility without sacrificing consistency in appearance.

The standard voltage (120-277VAC) EcoPark is also available with a passive occupancy and daylight sensor. Completely integrated into the light, the sensor is fully adjustable to suit the application. There is no sensor box outside of the fixture to complicate installation and maintenance, or to detract from the modern and sleek low-profile look.