Wall Packs

Our wall packs give you a wide variety of energy-saving options when you need to provide safety and security around your building. Our state-of-the-art LED wall packs cut costs, improve security and offer a high-performance, durable, reliable LED lighting solution.

About LED Wall Packs

What are LED Wall Packs?

LED wall packs are outdoor luminaires affixed to exterior walls of buildings and other structures. Generally installed for safety, LED wall packs illuminate ground areas with pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Property owners often use LED wall packs to illuminate home or other building exteriors to reduce the likelihood of nefarious activity.

While LED Wall Packs are used to illuminate larger exterior areas, LED wall washers, are generally used for spot or accent exterior lighting since they illuminate wall surfaces, ceilings, arches, canopies, beams, or plates.

LED Wall Pack Upgrades

Prior to the introduction of LEDs, facility managers typically installed High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps such as metal halide, high pressure sodium, and mercury vapor lamps. These antiquated lamps were often problematic due to poor color rendering, yellowing lenses and flickering. These lamps took as long as 15-30 minutes to warm up, with much of the energy they produced wasted as heat. Considering how important these fixtures are for safety and security, upgrading to LED wall packs is highly recommended. Revolution Lighting’s LED wall packs are instant-on, flicker-free, highly efficient and excellent at rendering color.

LED Wall Pack Color Temperature

The most popular color temperature for LED wall packs was 5000K because it provided bright clear illumination. There has been a recent and noticeable shift in consumer preferences to 4000K, which provides a color temperature closer to natural light without the harshness the brighter 5000K provides.