Retrofit Historic Streetlights Keep Redlands Efficient and Unique

Redirect - Revolution Lighting Technologies

Redlands, California retrofits its decorative street lights with LED to improve efficiency and preserve the historic ambiance of its unique downtown.

Redirect - Revolution Lighting Technologies

What you'll learn:

  • Over $17,000 saved annually.
  • The payback period for the retrofit investment was only 4.5 years.
  • Efficiency for the retrofit areas was improved by 70%.
  • A wide range of product benefits include operational efficiencies, increased safety, and improved sustainability.
  • Partnering to engineer custom LED lighting solutions to preserve historic fixtures.

“The lights have served to enhance the nature of the area by illuminating the historic buildings and increasing the visibility of the sightlines in the area. The quality of light provided by the [Revolution Lighting] products has already and will continue to make it safer for pedestrians and drivers in the area by making each other more aware of the presence of the other.”

City of Redlands
Ross Wittman

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