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Learning Modules

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Katana Full-Cutoff LED Wall Pack

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Revolver LED Architectural Wall Pack

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SEP Plastic T5 LED Tube Lamp

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White Papers

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Hudson & Co. Bar and Grill

rNET Lighting Controls Delivers Simplicity, Scalability and Flexibility.

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Grand Falls Resort Casino

Accent LED System Play Key Role in Grand Falls’ Design

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GALENO Medical Center

Lumeon 360 Provides Versatile Lighting for GALENO Medical Center

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Case studies

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Tangled up in Blue

Unraveling the effects of LED lighting on our health and safety.

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Total Cost of LED Ownership in New Construction

LED lighting saves on energy, maintenance, replacement lamps, and other hidden building costs.

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More Usable Light with Fewer Lumens

LEDs provide the same illumination performance with fewer lumens than conventional lighting products.

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