LED Tubes Cut Costs for Raley's Grocery Stores

Redirect - Revolution Lighting Technologies

Raley’s chooses Revolution Lighting LED Tubes to reduce operating expenses for its grocery stores.

Redirect - Revolution Lighting Technologies

What you'll learn:

  • Over $100,000 saved annually.
  • The payback period for the retrofit investment was only 3 years.
  • Efficiency for the retrofit areas was improved by 60%.
  • A wide range of product benefits include operational efficiencies, increased safety, and improved sustainability.
  • Our convenient and durable direct wire solutions deliver superior light output to ensure a high quality shopping experience.

“Revolution Lighting’s LED tubes, with its NSF International food safety certification, provided a singular, high quality, high efficiency lighting solution for both general retail and food preparation/storage areas that will help Raley’s continue to offer the best shopping experience to our customers.”

Manager, Energy & Utilities, Raley’s
Randy Walthers

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