Telehouse America Chooses T8 Tubes for LED Lighting Retrofit

Redirect - Revolution Lighting Technologies

Telehouse America chooses Revolution Lighting LED Tubes to  retrofit existing fluorescent lighting that will provide significant long term maintenance and energy savings.

Redirect - Revolution Lighting Technologies

What you'll learn:

  • Efficiency for the retrofit areas was improved by 65%.
  • The payback period for the retrofit investment was only 2 years.
  • A wide range of product benefits include operational efficiencies, increased safety, and improved sustainability.
  • Our convenient and durable direct wire solutions last 3x longer than fluorescent lighting.

“After extensive testing and verification of the LED tube products with Revolution Lighting’s division, it was clear we would exceed our energy saving goals throughout our data center facilities. Revolution Lighting’s division acted as an invested partner, providing the extensive time and effort necessary, in particular throughout critical decision-making processes, to ensure a successful project.”

Sr. Project Engineer, Telehouse America
Michael Alvaro

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