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Specification Grade LED Lighting Solutions

Our Specialty Grade products provide an economical solution to a wide variety of lighting needs, from controls to signage, media, and accent lighting. The mission of Revolution Lighting is to utilize LED lighting technologies to develop cost effective, efficient products and systems.

Why Choose Revolution Lighting?


Revolution Lighting is a pioneer of LED illumination for the Signage Industry.  We developed the first patented LED illumination solution specifically designed for use in Signage applications. Today, our patented products are among the leading LED illumination systems for signage, media and accent solutions, based upon the unique design, even and lasting illumination, unmatched performance and reliability, serviceability, ease and speed of use, and FAR superior energy savings when compared to competitive LED solutions.

We offer the easiest-to-install LED signage illumination system on the market, built in the US at our ISO9000 plant in Oxford, MI. Our premier signage, media and accent illumination systems carry a 5 or 7 year limited warranty, which is best in class.


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Signage, Media & Accent Lighting Products

No matter what scale or what application, our solutions are driven by deep knowledge of client needs and achieving your goals.

Expert Solutions

Revolution Lighting brings superior products, the knowledge, and the experience to help you maximize the return on your lighting investment while keeping your project on time and within budget.

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Accent LED System Play Key Role in Grand Falls' Design
Revolution Lighting’s Accent LED Illumination System provides even and lasting illumination, a critical design element for Grand Falls’ interior spaces.