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Find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and learn more about our Sales Terms & Conditions, and Our Warranty information. These details make the process flow smoothly and provide you with important information that can give you confidence in making your lighting decisions.


We’re happy to answer any of your questions. We’ve assembled some of the most Frequently Asked Questions to get you the answers you need quickly. You might also want to look through our Product and Resources sections for additional information.

Our Product Compatability

Learn more about your protections so that you can make good decisions confidently.

Product Compatability - Revolution Lighting Technologies
Uni-Fit Ballast Battery Backup Unit Compatibility
T8 UNI-FIT BALLAST COMPATIBILITY - Revolution Lighting Technologies
T8 Uni-Fit Ballast Compatibility
T5 UNI-FIT BALLAST COMPATIBILITY - Revolution Lighting Technologies
T5 Uni-Fit Ballast Compatibility
DIMMER COMPATIBILITY LIST - Revolution Lighting Technologies
Dimmer Compatibility List
Eco-Fit T8 Tube Lamps Ballast Compatibility List and Guide

Our Limited Warranty

Our products carry some of the best Warranties in the industry.

LIMITED WARRANTY - Revolution Lighting Technologies
Limited Warranty