The Revolutionary LED Signage Solution

Introducing T-Lite, LED “signage” tubes designed for signs, canopies and awnings. Installation is easy, with no additional drivers needed. Simply bypass the ballast and plug them into existing HO sockets. Featuring one-to-one replacement for HO fluorescent tubes and significant energy and performance savings over T8 and T12 fluorescents, these tubes provide superior lumen output with even virtual 360° illumination. This, coupled with our industry-leading 5-year warranty, places the T-Lite LED tube ahead of our competitors.

  • Wattage
  • Lumen Output
  • Warranty
    5 years
T-Lite - Revolution Lighting Technologies T-Lite - Revolution Lighting Technologies
T-Lite - Revolution Lighting Technologies T-Lite - Revolution Lighting Technologies
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Signage Illumination Applications

Illumination Angle

Illumination Angle - Revolution Lighting Technologies

Energy Savings

ENERGY SAVINGS - Revolution Lighting Technologies
vs. Similar Fluorescent Lamps

Our Industry-Leading 5-Year
Limited Warranty Guarantees
Unsurpassed Quality

Warranty - Revolution Lighting Technologies

  • 3X greater lamp life than fluorescent
  • 50,000-hour lamp life reduces long-term maintenance costs
  • Instant on, no warm-up time
  • Suitable for damp locations
  • No glass
  • Negligible light depreciation over time
  • Superior light output
  • UL Type B tube lamps are tested to comply with UL 1993, UL 879, UL 48, and UL 73
  • Lack of UV or IR minimizes concerns with fading or discoloration
  • Mercury-free, allowing for non-hazardous disposal
  • 100% recyclable


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ENERGY SAVINGS - Revolution Lighting Technologies
Switching to LED lighting for your facility has a significant impact on energy consumption, leading to a compounding return on investment over time.
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LED lighting saves on energy, maintenance, replacement lamps, and other hidden building costs.